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The block with a smaller carbon footprint.

Watershed Block - Product Overview - Watershed Materials

Watershed Block offers performance, beauty and sustainability for modern masonry. Explore the colors and specifications of our Watershed Block products. 

Watershed Block™ Offers Performance, Beauty and Sustainability for Modern Masonry


Concrete blocks are one of the world's most commonly used construction materials. Tens of billions are produced every year. Ordinary concrete blocks, however, have an unsustainable environmental footprint and a dull, often uninspiring appearance. Ordinary concrete block use a lot of cement, which is expensive and responsible for an astounding 6% of all humanity's CO2 output. Beyond that, traditional concrete block use virgin mined rock that is washed, using a lot of water, of all regional attributes, leaving a dull grey block isolated from its surroundings.

Stanford Block

The Stanford Watershed Block’s color palette is inspired by the rich reddish-brown sandstone beneath the Stanford University campus. ASTM C90 compliant. See Product Details ->

Lime White Block

The Lime White Watershed Block uses zero cement and offers a bright glacier white appearance that emerges from lime and white clay. ASTM C90 compliant. See Product Details ->

Syar Slate Block

A single origin mix design, the Syar Slate Watershed Block highlights dark Jurassic basalt from the Syar quarry in Solano County. ASTM C90 compliant.  See Product Details ->

Mark West Block

The linen tint of the Mark West Watershed Block originates from minerals from two quarries in Sonoma's Mayacamas Mountains. ASTM C90 compliant. See Product Details ->

Pascale Block

The variegated tans and browns of the Pascale Watershed Block surface from a blend of two rock products. Highest sustainability profile. See Product Details ->

Sweetwater Block

The sunrise hue of the Sweetwater Watershed Block comes from the warm, almost peach tone of its predominant crusher fines. Highest sustainability profile.  See Product Details ->

Big Change, Small Carbon Footprint

Watershed Block presents a solution to these environmental and aesthetic problems - a beautiful and versatile masonry unit made of reduced, even eliminated, cement and locally-sourced minerals and recycled aggregates that speak to their region of origin. The result is a durable building material, as strong as a concrete block yet with a character, tone, and resonance that expresses local site attributes and adds beauty and depth to architectural designs.

Modern Application of a Natural Process

Rock forms in nature over the course of millions of years as geologic pressure fuses sedimentary minerals into solid stone. This process is called lithification - literally “rock growing”. Watershed Materials uses a similar process to make blocks. We start with a precise combination of natural minerals then apply half a million pounds of compressive force. The result is a dependable structural building block with the appearance of stone and an increased sustainability profile.


There is an Inherent Warmth in the Color and Texture of Watershed Block, Made from Locally Sourced Minerals That Speak to their Geologic Origin and Regional Palette 


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