Watershed Materials - Technology for New Concrete Blocks
The block with a smaller carbon footprint.

Watershed Materials - David Easton - Joe Dahmen - Jose Muñoz

Watershed Materials was founded by David Easton, Joe Dahmen and Jose Muñoz to improve modern concrete masonry by reducing cement and improving aesthetics.

Watershed Materials was founded by David Easton, Joe Dahmen and Jose Muñoz with the goal of reducing cement in concrete masonry.

David Easton President and Co-founder

David Easton

President and Co-founder

David Easton graduated from Stanford’s Product Design school in 1970 then founded a successful sustainable building materials company with clients including Disney, Stanford University, Fetzer, Mondavi, Winiarski and numerous NDA-protected private clients. He has written three books and lectures worldwide. Watershed Materials is the most recent embodiment of his lifelong passion to develop scalable sustainable building material technologies.

Joe Dahmen Director of Sustainability and Co-founder

Joe Dahmen

Director of Sustainability and Co-founder

Joe Dahmen [Master of Architecture, MIT] is an expert on analyzing and reducing resource consumption in architecture. Joe is leading the effort to produce Life Cycle Analyses comparing the sustainability profile Watershed Materials’ products against industry standard products. He has published widely on the topic of sustainability and architecture and is a member of the faculty of the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Jose Muñoz Director of Technology and Co-founder

Dr. Jose Muñoz

Director of Technology and Co-founder

Jose Muñoz [Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison] is a materials scientist specializing in cement. His research focuses on the application of nanoadditives to engineer the structure of cementitious materials and is funded by the National Research Council. Dr. Muñoz is a member of the Transportation Research Board Task Force on Nanotechnology-Based Concrete Materials and the American Concrete Institute Committee of Nanotechnology in Concrete.


Alex Wright  Director of Marketing and Business Development

Alex Wright

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Alex Wright is a digital communications specialist based in Austin, Texas. He leads Watershed Materials’ marketing and business development and works as a web designer and digital marketer for companies in the sustainability sector. Alex is a serial entrepreneur, having started a successful digital software as service business and selling in 2013 prior to coming on board with Watershed Materials.

Taj Easton  Laboratory Manager

Taj Easton

Laboratory Manager

Taj Easton graduated UC Davis with a major in sustainable design. He worked as a lab assistant for Integrity Block, a venture-backed green building materials start-up where he developed formulations for ASTM compliance. Samuel is now the laboratory manager directing the National Science Foundation zero cement grant program, developing formulations for 7,000 psi masonry using geopolymerization of natural clays found abundantly around the world.


Dan Alvarado  Director of Sales + Logistics

Dan Alvarado

Director of Sales + Logistics

Dan Alvarado graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Anthropology where he developed a passion for sustainable design and ecological living. Dan joined Watershed Materials in 2014. Dan manages the sales and logistics and is responsible for client relations, market research, construction logistics, financial tracking and managing the financial and development progress of the National Science Foundation SBIR grants.

Advisory Team

Naomi Porat

Naomi Porat is a social entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in sustainable development, innovative building technologies, and urban revitalization. As founding principal with Transform Urban, she manages large scale sustainable developments that integrate market fundamentals with social and ecological values to create net positive impacts. She also co-founded Alpha, a building systems advisory firm that partners with industry innovators to achieve successful market transformation in sustainable development. Naomi was co-founder and CEO of ZETA, a net zero energy prefab design/build company, as well as COO of Global Homes International where Naomi drove the design and formulation of an indigenous materials block building system for ultra-low cost housing in developing countries.  


David Mar

David Mar is founder and principal at Mar Structural Design. David has a wealth of experience in designing innovative structural systems. He believes the key to successful projects is striving to create holistic designs that optimize the architectural program and structural performance while controlling construction costs. To these ends, his designs are often inventive and technically ingenious, at the forefront of high-performance seismic and sustainable design.

In 1998 David was honored with SEAONC’s H.J. Brunier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Structural Design for his retrofit design of San Francisco’s Pacific Place.

Mike Korchinsky

Mike Korchinsky is the founder and CEO of Wildlife Works, a global leader in REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), which applies innovative market-based solutions to the conservation of biodiversity. Prior to founding REDD+, Mike co-founded Axiom Management Consulting, which grew to be one of the leading management consulting companies in the US prior to being acquired in 1995 by Cambridge Technology Partners (Novell), a NASDAQ company.

Blair Lambert

Blair Lambert advises and invests in early stage companies, operates a vineyard, and serves as vice chairman for Napa Valley Community Foundations

Blair has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for The Gymboree Corporation, Chief Financial Officer of bebe stores, inc., and Corporate Vice President of Finance for Esprit de Corp.

Mr. Lambert is on the Board of Directors of women's apparel retailer bebe stores, inc, (NASDAQ: bebe), organic ice cream innovator Three Twins Ice Cream, and outdoor equipment wholesaler Klymit.