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Stanford Watershed Block - ASTM C90 Compliant

The Stanford Watershed Block’s color palette is inspired by the rich reddish-brown sandstone beneath the Stanford University campus. ASTM C90 compliant.

Stanford Watershed Block™

ASTM C90 Compliant - Produced in Napa, California

The Stanford Watershed Block’s color palette is inspired by the rich reddish-brown sandstone beneath the Stanford University campus. The block’s warm hue emerges as red clay from Amador County is mixed with crushed basalt from Mark West Springs, west of Calistoga, and quarry fines from Nun’s Canyon in the Mayacamas Mountains of Sonoma County.

The Stanford Watershed Block mixes aesthetics, sustainability and performance. Reduced cement lowers the block’s CO2 footprint compared to traditional concrete block. The warm, natural beauty arises from local minerals and avoids the use of expensive artificial colorants. The Stanford Watershed Block meets or exceeds ASTM C90 specifications, encouraging engineers and architects to specify the block with confidence.

Nominal Dimensions: 4x8x16”, 6x8x16”, 8x8x16”, Bondbeam blocks 6” & 8” high. See detailed actual measurements here.

Dry Density: 125-130 pcf (standard-weight)

Weight: 21.9 lbs per 4” block, 30.05 lbs per 6” block, 43.9 lbs per 8” block

Compressive Strength: Greater than 1,900 psi (ASTM C90 compliant)

Water Absorption: Less than 13 pcf (ASTM C90 compliant)

Linear Shrinkage: Less than 0.065% (ASTM C90 compliant)

Thermal Conductivity: 0.81-0.93 W/m°C

Acoustic Reduction: 40-50 dB (40 cm wall 500Hz)



The Stanford Watershed Block offers an improved sustainability profile compared to traditional concrete block.

  • Incorporates locally sourced, unwashed aggregate, reducing water use and diesel emissions from transportation
  • Contains recycled post-industrial quarry byproducts
  • Reduces cement, an expensive and hugely polluting binder responsible for 6% of humanity's CO2 footprint
  • Avoids energy intensive steam curing
  • Increased density provides natural thermal mass that can offset heating and cooling needs


Product Availability

The Stanford Watershed Block is produced in Watershed Materials' factory in Northern California using locally sourced materials. In keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability - and to reduce transportation costs - the Stanford Watershed Block is available within a 250 mile radius of the San Francisco Bay Area. For certain projects outside this radius, Watershed Materials can provide carbon offset credits for extended transportation.

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