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Blog updates by Watershed Materials. Developments for sustainable new concrete block technology funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Masonry Design Magazine Features Watershed Materials' Newest Technology

Our friends at Masonry Design Magazine ran seven beautiful pages on Watershed Materials' newest technology exploring the adaptive re-use of excavation waste to produce structural masonry right at the construction site. The story was originally published on our blog written in collaboration with Westlake Urban and Alpha Group but looks so much better in print on Masonry Design Magazine's pages.

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ArchDaily Features Watershed Materials' Mobile Block Production Technology

ArchDaily featured Watershed Materials in a great story on our mobile block production technology that turns excavation waste into building materials. ArchDaily ran this story following their initial feature on Watershed Block published shortly after the Stanford Lasuen project was completed.

"The pop-up plant itself works by applying ultra-high compression to loose excavation spoils, transforming it into a sustainable CMU. The pressure turns the mineral grains into a sort of sedimentary rock, mimicking the natural geological process of lithification."

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Watershed Materials Featured in 3 Pages of Dwell Magazine's Materials Sourcebook Special Issue

Dwell Magazine included Watershed Materials in their recent Special Issue - Materials Sourcebook 2016

The letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Amanda Dameron, entitled In the Material World speaks to our mission in more ways than one : "This special issue celebrates the way that architects and residents alike have engaged bold material palettes as a vehicle for communicating their ideals ... It's inconceivable to conjure the work without the materials, not to mention the tireless minds that dared to recast the mundane."

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SNAP Magazine by Architectural Record Puts Watershed Materials on the Cover

We're thrilled to see our latest zero-cement block formulation on the cover of SNAP Magazine, a publication covering architectural news and products published by Architectural Record.

They write, "Offering a compressive strength of 2,500 psi, these blocks can replace concrete ones in commercial and residential buildings. Made of lime, aluminosilicates, and blast-furnace slag, these blocks provide an environmentally friendly alternative to Portland cement."

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Watershed Materials Featured in 6 Beautiful Pages of Masonry Magazine, a Publication of the Mason Contractors Association of America

We're thrilled to be featured in six great looking pages of Masonry Magazine, an industry publication put out by the Mason Contractors Association of America

Remixing Modern Masonry With Watershed Block : Modern Masonry Technology Adapts to Contemporary Needs, While Maintaining a Heritage of Strength and Greatness.

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Watershed Materials Featured on ArchDaily - "The World's Most Visited Architecture Website"

Many thanks to ArchDaily's editor Rory Scott who reached out after reading a fun thread on Reddit and followed up with a fantastic piece about our development of low / zero cement structural masonry.

ArchDaily writes, "Right now, the Watershed Block is most popular with designers in the company's local area of California, but the company is confident that their technology could have wider, more transformative applications: in developing parts of the world, where cement can be expensive, Watershed Materials hopes that these technologies can make construction cheaper by using locally-available materials in place of costly cement."

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Watershed Materials Featured in a 5 Page Dwell Story "A Greener Building Block"

Watershed Materials is thrilled to be featured in a five page story in Dwell Magazine's October issue. The story, called A Greener Building Block, highlights the materials side of sustainable construction, often overlooked in beautiful national design magazines.

Dwell writes, "In many ways, this essentially prefabricated structure echoes Frank Lloyd Wright’s idealized midcentury Usonian house, which he describes in his book The Natural House as being 'integral to its site, integral to its environment, integral to the life of the inhabitants.'"

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