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Lake County Community Meetings to Discuss New Watershed Block Manufacturing Plant

Watershed Materials is excited to be working with the United States Department of Agriculture on a federally-funded program to bring the manufacturing line of Watershed Blocks to a variety of communities throughout California. The goal of the USDA grant program is to support small businesses to address both climate change and community recovery efforts in the wake of natural disasters. The Watershed Block product addresses both of these program goals by being a highly fire-resistant compressed-earth building product that is sustainably sourced from natural materials local to each manufacturing plant. 

Watershed Materials is hosting three community meetings to discuss the impact that the possible introduction of a Watershed Blocks production facility may have on the local economy and community. Please Join us for a discussion about the development of a Watershed Block manufacturing plant in Lake County, California. Food and refreshments will be provided.

Watershed Materials is working with federal funding from the USDA to introduce one of their Watershed Block manufacturing plants to Lake County within the next several years. A Watershed Block plant in Lake County would create new manufacturing and masonry jobs in the region, while producing a durable and fire-resistant building product for both local use and regional sales.

Tuesday October 24th, 2017 at 2 pm
Clearlake Senior Community Center
3245 Bowers Ave. Clearlake, CA 95422

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Wednesday October 25th, 2017 at 2 pm   
Middletown Public Library
21256 Washington St, Middletown, CA 95461

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Wednesday October 25th, 2017 at 6 pm   
Middletown Public Library
21256 Washington St, Middletown, CA 95461

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Watershed Materials is a small business based out of Napa, California that creates the Watershed Block line of compressed earth masonry products. Watershed Blocks are an innovative and extremely durable new masonry alternative that can be used to create buildings and homes that are visually stunning, sustainable, and highly fire-resistant.

Watershed Blocks can be produced from local Lake County soil, to create more sustainable buildings that reflect the beautiful natural aesthetic of the county and protect buildings and their occupants from future fire damage.

The innovative technology behind Watershed Blocks combines new developments in hydraulic compaction technology with the use of locally-sourced soils to create stunning and durable building materials that can be used or sold in communities throughout California, and beyond. These Watershed Blocks can seamlessly replace concrete masonry units, greatly reducing the overall carbon footprint of production, while still encompassing the benefits of long term durability and fire-resistance exemplified in traditional masonry products. 

For Phase I of this program with the USDA, Watershed Materials will be working on a pilot project in Lake County, California to assess the potential for introducing a Watershed Block manufacturing plant to the region. The initial phase will involve three major research components: a socio-economic analysis of the region based on community feedback, the development of a soil characterization method that can be replicated in other regions, and the enhancement of the mobile Watershed manufacturing plant to withstand transport and increase production. 

After this initial research and analysis, the second phase will include the introduction of the Watershed Manufacturing plant to Lake County. Block production will begin on a small scale through the employment of members of the local community. The blocks will be used in a masonry apprenticeship program to build a small house that will serve as a model for potential housing options during future disaster recovery efforts. Once these goals are met, production and building will expand to a larger scale, employing more members of the community and providing a fire-resistant building option that is both attractive and resilient. 

Through accomplishing these goals in the pilot program in Lake County, Watershed Materials then aims to introduce this program to other counties throughout California. Local members of the community will be employed in the manufacturing of the blocks and in skilled masonry jobs, building beautiful and fire-resistant homes in their region. Local communities will gain both economically and through developing visually stunning homes that can be passed on to future generations. 

Residents of Lake County are invited to join us in an open discussion about this program at one of the following meetings. Food and refreshments will be served. 

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