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Blog updates by Watershed Materials. Developments for sustainable new concrete block technology funded by the National Science Foundation.

Watershed Materials Featured in 3 Pages of Dwell Magazine's Materials Sourcebook Special Issue

Dwell Magazine included Watershed Materials (as well as Rammed Earth Works) in their recent Special Issue - Materials Sourcebook 2016. We're so honored!

The letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Amanda Dameron, entitled In the Material World speaks to our mission in more ways than one :

"Over the past 16 years, we've amassed a deep archive of architectural projects that convey modern values through conscious design decisions. This special issue celebrates the way that architects and residents alike have engaged bold material palettes as a vehicle for communicating their ideals.

In the pages that follow, we honor the artistry of the build through the lens of material exploration. We acknowledge that when architects experiment with material properties, they push their own power of expression.

While the wheel need not be reinvented with each use of stone, wood, concrete, metal, glass, and even recycled goods - surely we can chart modern architectural progress through technological innovation and ceaseless iteration. What would 'modern architecture' mean today if Alvar Aalto hadn't spent years experimenting with wood, if Louis Kahn hadn't embraced brick, or if Frank Gehry hadn't explored the limits of metal?

It's inconceivable to conjure the work without the materials, not to mention the tireless minds that dared to recast the mundane."

We couldn't agree more!

This feature is a reissue of a larger Dwell Magazine story on Watershed Materials originally published in October, 2014.