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Congressman Mike Thompson Visits Watershed Materials' Research and Manufacturing Facility

The team at Watershed Materials was thrilled to share the day with Congressman Mike Thompson, who represents California's 5th congressional district that stretches from Clear Lake to Vallejo. Representative Thompson visited Watershed Materials' manufacturing facility and geopolymer research lab to find out more about the company and see how we're using the National Science Foundation's SBIR grants to develop technology for low cement sustainable masonry.

Representative Thompson examined the prototype first version of Watershed Materials' new high compression block machine and was interested in the regional production of sustainable masonry from local sources of aggregate, asking about making block from the crushed obsidian at his home.

The team discussed job creation, repurposing unused waste from brownfield mining operations, and the American dream of Watershed team member Edward De Reza who immigrated from Mexico, obtained his citizenship, married a women he met at English as a Second Language class at Napa College, and has become a key part of Watershed Materials' success.

We'll stay in touch with Congressman Thompson as we grow the operation to include selling high compression low cement masonry block machines.